“Where I live”

Laughter. Lots of it. Crazy expressions of love; fun; freedom. And pink. Lots of pink. Oh, and dancing. Alone and occasionally in public – but always like no one is watching. This is the story of a girl and her songs. And all her spaces in-between that God has filled.

Where I live is Sumari’s debut release.

“Recording was never my intention. But when God began to speak to me about releasing songs, I could but follow. He is the voice that leads me; the one I live to partner with.” And 12 original tracks became the sounds of her overflow. The songs inside of someone wrecked. Wrecked by love. Wrecked by encounter. Wrecked by intimacy with her creator. “The way I see it – God is waiting for us to come and encounter Him. To open our arms and let Him to envelope us. I hope my songs draw people into that embrace. It’s just the best.” Radical, unexplainable encounters with God thrill Sumari. “I love to see Jesus healing people – that way I don’t have to explain anything to them about Him – He just shows up and does something supernatural.”

For Sumari, the supernatural starts with love. Loving God. Loving people. Recognizing God in every man. “A beggar on the side of the road is as important as the President so I choose to treat all men and women the same.” She believes that it’s this kind of honor that restores dignity and transforms a person’s identity. “There’s treasure before us and every treasure breaths – anything else is not nearly as valuable. If we miss people, we miss the point. Love is a person. Jesus. His love empowers me to love.”

According to Sumari, God is in the business of stretching her beyond her limits… graciously showing her that He is limitless. “He’s made me OK with being me and that’s a huge thing. Part of loving Him, is loving who He made me to be. That has always scared me. Until now. He’s pushed away all the boundaries I set for myself. He is my encourager”. Sumari is in full time ministry and serves as a worship pastor at His People Church in Parktown North, Johannesburg. She shares her heart and home with her husband and hero, Herman and their two busy boxer dogs Genis and Parys.

What Sumari says about the album

You can tell so much about who a person is by walking into their home. Where I live is a record that puts a soundtrack to the space I choose to keep my head and heart in. Fixed on Jesus. The reality of the finished work of the cross and the joy of life from His presence totally satisfies me. I don’t always get it right, but many of the songs are declarations that have taken, and are still taking shape as I sing them into being, and this is also my heart’s desire and prayer for every listener, and worshipper.

Review by Pastor Lisa Shippey

This album really is where Sumari lives!  From the first note of the first track, the listener is swept up into the joy which graces her life, 24/7.  Each song represents an aspect of what God is speaking to His church at this time, leaving us acutely aware of His relentless pursuit of our hearts.  The album represents an irresistible invitation to intimacy with a God who is always good, always loving and always present.  As Sumari so aptly sings, what is left to discuss?