If you have ever been in worship led by her, you will know what an open heaven feels like. Sumari’s passion to create worship that describes, exalts and reveals God’s nature makes her music intimate and glorious at the same time. Sumari is a true worshipper – the real deal, the genuine article. She lives to worship and she livesfrom worship. Her zeal for the increasing presence of God is infectious and uncontainable; and the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ rests unmistakably on her life. Whether she is on a stage leading hundreds in worship or in a coffee shop interacting with a waitress, her intimacy with God and her authenticity as an individual have a profound impact, and leaves a lasting impression. When she’s happy, she sings. When she’s sad, she sings. When she’s confused, she sings. When she’s at peace she sings.

The result is a life which is an all-encompassing symphony and testimony of the love, reality, and accessibility of Jesus.